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4AD - online platform created for the development of horizontal organization, coordination of interaction and communication of its participants

Simple 3 Steps

Send request

Using the contact form send a request which indicates the purpose of which you plan to use the platform.

Decide on the configuration

After receiving the offer, choose the configuration that best suits your needs today.
On a more powerful version of the platform you can at any time convenient for you.


Involve the public to cooperation!
Create interesting contests, quests, invite to events.
Unite social activists into powerful teams.

Advantages of the online platform

The online platform makes attracting citizens to cooperation convenient and easy!

Everyone can join!

The online platform helps everyone to participate in the process of joint development of policies, decision-making, support for initiatives and projects.

Horizontal communication system

Horizontal online communication solution that allows participants to communicate without intermediaries, allows to attract to the cooperation three times more citizens than any other outdated traditional methods!

Freedom of information

Platform participants publish their news, ideas, take part in competitions, public consultations, debates, implement joint projects in a convenient and accessible form.

Cloud solution

Thanks to a cloud-based solution that is convenient for all users, the process of administration, communication, coordination and citizen engagement and cooperation is greatly simplified.

Refer to the knowledge bank members of the organization!

Attract citizens to the process of making decisions!
Use the collective intelligence of society, accumulate creative ideas and contribute to its realization by the public.

Create synergies by bringing together stakeholders

Invite citizens to participate!
Address public opinion through debates, discussions, consultations or a poll!

Functional features of the platform

The 4AD communication platform is a powerful online tool that will actually allow you to create your own social network.

Modern design adapted for mobile devices

Registries of users, organizations, communities, teams, news, processes of participation

Electronic tools of public participation: debates, consultations, reviews

Acceleration of public initiatives, electronic project management tools

Electronic feedback, dialogue and communication tools

Automatic reporting, tracking user activity and affiliate programs

Digital tools for promotions and contests

System of differentiation of access levels to the platform, control of the level of access and participation

Our Pricing Plan

The modular, flexible platform system allows you to create the optimal configuration to meet your needs.
You decide which configuration is most appropriate for your organization.

Minimal Plan


Minimal web platform configuration for small organizations

Premium Plan


Configuration for powerful organizations combining web and mobile platforms

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